Facilitators of Change and Connection; Boe Spearim on January 26.

Gomeroi activist and radio host Boe Spearim speaks with passion when it comes to his motivation behind organising the January 26 Invasion Day march and gathering in Magandjin/Brisbane. He speaks respectfully about Sam Watson Jnr, Ruby and Coco Wharton and their involvement in the facilitation and organisation to unite community and commemorate the 1938 Day of Mourning which is now controversially celebrated as Australia Day.

A cache of local activist groups will bring together thousands of people and provide what Boe calls a ‘safe space” for mob and Palestinian activists to connect and share their grief, resilience and resistance as we all navigate a challenging time not only for First Nations people post ‘Voice Referendum’ as well as the world political ‘stage’ while witnessing what some see as “genocide” of the Palestinian people in Gaza and surrounding communities. Boe says the people of Gaza are his family too and feels sad to see their suffering.

“We get to kick off the year with something solid to show this country why we are still here, why we are still fighting.” – Boe Spearim

Boe says he likes being busy this time of year and challenges the impacts of the Voice to Parliament Referendum on communities and shares what he wants to see in place to protect human rights for First Nations people around the world.

This week will see local groups WAR (Warriors of Aboriginal Resistance) and Treaty before Voice inform the community of actions, they would like support for including localised Treaties separate from the state government and a call to action to blockade the 2024 Olympic Games. Boe say connecting the community on January 26 will consolidate the movement to show what we really want.