Approach it through facts! A new Human rights resource on the Voice to Parliament referendum.

The Australian Human Rights Commission have released a resource kit for all Australians to understand what the Voice referendum means through the lens of human rights for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

Understanding the Referendum from a Human Rights Perspective is an educational resource featuring nine chapters addressing how to minimise harm, promote cultural humility and steers the conversation on human rights principles based on facts so people can make informed decisions when voting on the proposed Voice to Parliament.

President of the Australian Human Rights Commission Emertis Professor Rosalind Croucher AM says the resource kit is a contribution from the human rights commission to provide the Australian public information on human rights from a nonpartisan perspective on the Voice proposal. 

Nine documents are available from the resource:

The Uluru Statement from the Heart

Minimising Harm in conversations about the referendum

Indigenous Rights & the Voice.

The history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples advocating for the right to be heard.

Symbolic change or substantive reform

Self-determination and indigenous peoples

The Voice and human rights

Referendums and constitutional change

Support services

Australian Human Rights Commission President Rosalind Croucher AM