We can’t continue to talk the place down…Chansey Paech !

The owner of the Facebook page Action For Alice 2020 has announced he will be taking a break from the page, saying the page has taken its toll on his social and emotional well being.

The page was originally set up to highlight ongoing crime in Alice Springs – but it received criticism for the comments on the page being poorly moderated, allowing people who didn’t even live in Alice Springs to spread hateful racist comments throughout the page.

Territory Attorney-General CHANSEY PAECH told CAAMA’s Jenni Hubert that he agrees with local business and tourism operators that the southern media’s coverage of the page has been damaging to Alice Springs.

The Attorney General also talks about Statehood, the Voice to Parliament, the new Northern Territory Anti Discrimination Commissioner and pokies inthe Alice.

“It can be quite damaging and it can be quite distressing and upsetting particularly for Aboriginal people. “