Liddle family re-unite as Hilda finally comes home to rest….

One of the largest Aboriginal families in Central Australia, the Liddles, have held a re-union in Mparntwe/Alice Springs. The occasion was the re-burial on country of Hilda Liddle.

Hilda was born in the township of Stuart (the former name for Alice Springs) in 1911 and spent most of her young life with her mother Mary Earwaker Liddle doing men’s work on various cattle properties.

In the 1940’s Hilda was struck by the handle of a windlass.

In March 1951 she was sent to Adelaide for cancer treatment but sadly passed away and was buried in the West Terrace Cemetery Adelaide, (72 years ago).

Hilda was Mother to four children – Ted (deceased), Nora, John and Ian.

She was Sister to Milton, Harold, Arthur, Linda, June, Alf and Tom.

Hilda and her siblings’ descendants re-united to rebury Hilda on country on the weekend… and while it had the appearance of a funeral, there was also a sense of happiness that Hilda had finally come home to rest.

Hilda has been reburied at the Alice Springs Memorial Cemetery next to her Mother, Mary Earwaker Liddle.

One of the oldest Liddles, Bob Liddle, fondly remembers his Aunty Hilda.

Also reburied in Alice Springs on the weekend was Hilda’s son Ted, who was cremated, but Ted’s Daughter, Karen Walsh, says the family decided to bury his ashes in Hilda’s coffin next to his Grandmother Mary.

Karen Walsh

Barb Satour was also very young when her Aunty Hilda went to Adelaide…she says it’s great to see all the Liddles together.

Following the re-burial, the next day the descendants gathered at the Alice Springs Telegraph Station for a barbecue and to learn more about our descendants.

Hilda’s son Ian Conway has worked tirelessly to bring Hilda home and research the Liddle family genealogy.

He says the Liddle’s have a very strong connection to the area.