Peak traditional owner group says no consultation before Dutton made inflammatory comments about Mparntwe/Alice Springs….


“It all smells of the Intervention narrative”… Lhere Artepe CEO Graeme Smith.

Alice Springs/Mparntwe Traditional Owner group Lhere Artepe CEO GRAEME SMITH, says last week’s sudden trip to Alice Springs by Federal Opposition Leader PETER DUTTON is why there is a need for a Voice To Parliament.

Mr Dutton, who opposes the Voice, made the quick visit to Alice Springs, joined by Territory CLP Senator JACINTA PRICE, following the resignation from the LNP front bench, by Opposition Indigenous Affairs Spokesmen JULIAN LEESER, who supports the Yes to the Voice campaign.

Lhere Artepe’s CEO Graeme Smith has labelled the visit a political stunt…

Both Mr Dutton and Senator Price have been widely criticised for their claims of sexual abuse against children in Alice Springs and highlighting crime in Alice Springs, as a part of their campaign against the Voice.

Mr Smith who spoke with CAAMA Radio’s David Liddle says it all sounds similar to when former Prime Minister John Howard launched the Federal Intervention in 2007.