Changing the narrative- 2023 All Youth conference Mpartnwe /Alice Springs…

The voice of youth  is all important as more than 200 young people from across the Northern Territory  gather in Mparntwe/ Alice Springs this week to discuss important  issues impacting them and how they can best share their possible solutions with the wider community.

Panelists at the All Youth Conference which is taking place at the Araluen Centre  include  2023 Youth Round Table representative, Arrernte woman  Armani Francois, local School captain Elaine Ncube and CAAMA Radio’s  award winning  Yanyuwah/ Garawa film maker Chris  Marrkarany Fitzpatrick.

Conference organiser, NT Australian of the Year 2022 Local Hero‚Ķ Rebecca Forrest  says  young people are particularly  keen to change the  negative narrative which they are often associated with.

2023 Youth conference organiser Rebecca Forrest talks with CAAMA’s Paul Wiles. Listen here :

more to come…..