The shameful face of disparity that has taken two years to address…..

 An Aboriginal family of nearly twenty, including women and children who lived on a cement slab without water and sanitation for nearly two years…. is the shameful face of the disparity which Australia as a nation is still trying  to deal with.

Kerrynne Liddle

 Mpartnwe /Alice Springs  born politician Kerrynne Liddle  who is a member of the Liberal Party and the first Aboriginal federal member of parliament from South Australia first raised her concerns about the  family when she  returned to her hometown three weeks ago.   

Ms Liddle who was again back in her hometown last week as part of a fact finding mission with the Federal Opposition Deputy Leader Sussan Ley – told CAAMA that people have to start being prepared to make tough decisions. 

Federal Opposition Deputy Leader Sussan Ley with SA Liberal Senator Kerrynne Liddle