Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association (Aboriginal Corporation)

ICN 67

Notice of annual general meeting

All members of the corporation are advised that an annual general meeting of the members of Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association  will take place as follows:

Time:                  5:30pm

Date:                   Wednesday November 30th 2022

Place:                  101 Todd Street Alice Springs

On arrival at the meeting, members should check the register of members and if needed, update their name, address, and any other details.


1Welcome, attendees and apologies:
1.1       Confirm the chair for the meeting
1.2       Attendees
1.3       Apologies
1.4       Quorum
2Minutes of the previous meeting of members:
– Confirm the minutes
– Matters arising    
3Corporation reports:
– CEO report
– Directors’ report
– Financial report
– Auditor’s report
4Appointment of an auditor for the next financial year
5Election of directors
6Any other business

CAAMA Rulebook – PDF Copy