My name is Sam Wickman… this is my story !

Sam Jupurrurla Wickman

Place of Birth – Mpartnwe – Alice Springs

Aboriginal Lineage: Mother’s side- Luritja-Yankatjatjarra & Pitjantjarra.

Father’s lineage: Arrente, Walpiri-Anmatyerre & Luritja.

The very first thing I remember was Charles Creek – staying there with my uncle Alan Kunoth and my Grandmother Amelia Kunoth.

Charles Creek caamapwphoto.

My mother worked as a domestic servant at the Residency in Alice Springs and later on at Melanka.

The Residency Alice Springs

Great memories of St Johns Hostel – being the youngest one there I was often spoilt !

St John”s Hostel – Alice Springs
caamapwphoto 2022

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