“It overwhelms you and everything starts coming back.” Samara Fernandez-Brown…. day two Kumunjayi Walker coronial inquest.

The coronial inquest into the police shooting of 19-year-old Kumanjayi Walker has continued into its second day in Mparntwe Alice Springs.

The counsel assisting the coroner Dr Peggy Dwyer has painstakingly detailed the enormous brief of evidence to be investigated during the three-month coronial inquest into the death of the Warlpiri teenager and detailed Mr Walker’s upbringing and interactions with the justice system during the court proceedings, including time spent at the Don Dale and Alice Spring Youth Detention Centres.

Dr Peggy Dwyer supplied

She told the hearing that the inquest would examine the police planning in the lead-up to the attempted arrest and shooting.

Officers will also be asked if they could have done anything differently to enable a safer arrest plan to see whether there is anything to be learned.

Samara Fernandez Brown caamapwphoto

Mr Walker’s cousin Samara Fernandez-Brown said outside the court her family was hopeful about what the inquest could achieve

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The coronial inquiry is set to go for a marathon three months.

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