Q: What are the top issues council should look at to improve (Mparntwe) Alice Springs’ liveability?


James Dash

The development of the mall, the pool, all the other things in this town that make the town what it is. I reckon this is the best place in the world to live

Marli Banks

We need to make sure that the role of advocacy on the council really focuses around community safety

Jimmy Cocking

We’ve got to work better with the community to improve community safety

Allison Bitar

None of our playgrounds have shade on them. We need to make sure that our kids are able to have fun and safely play

Aaron Blacker

Repairing the relationship between the council and the rate payers is the first priority

Catherine Satour

There’s going to be alot of work that’s going to need focus on budget recovery and also management of COVID recovery

Angus McIvor

We have to get everyone vaccinated otherwise tourism is going to fail

Kim Hopper

We spend a lot of time inside over summer and that can’t be helped, but we can design and prepare for a future where it is going to be warmer

Steve Brown

The number one priority on my list is the twenty four hour youth center, because dealing with the youth issues and getting these kids into a place where they can be looked after and eventually helped into education and mentored into jobs…will make an enormous difference to every aspect of Alice Springs

Wayne Wright

Everyone should be educated. Education, that leads to jobs…. also a basic understanding of the modern society, how to make decisions and how you choose things

Emily Webster

I would like to focus on our young people as being really essential members of our community, the future is theirs. We need to provide them with what they need to live healthy and productive lives on their terms

Blair McFarland

I would like to see free electricity to households that are dependent on Centrelink. I just don’t think it’s fair that people should run out of power in the middle of winter or the middle of summer when you need the aircon, just because your too poor to be able to afford it

Michael Liddle

I look at bringing service providers’ conversations to assist the Alice Springs Town Council in making clearer and more understanding policy around behaviours

Matt Paterson

I want to create a space in Alice Springs where everyone can interract together, from all backgrounds and all abilities to make sure we’re not segregating people with a dissability

Patrick Bedford

I think we should have at least a kids playground in the middle of the mall, a bit of a splash park. We live in one of the hottest climates in Australia so we should be able to go in there and have the kids play around while your at the cafe or shopping. That should be standard

Eli Melky

It all starts with safety, if you’re not a safe community you can’t attract consumer confidence and you lose consumer confidence and with that you lose invester confidence. Without invester confidence you won’t have people putting their money into this town and nothing will be built

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