I was labelled a problem child….Leanne Liddle.


Mpartnwe – Alice Springs, born Arrernte woman Leanne Liddle has   shared  her own  personal journey of racism and bullying as part of National Reconciliation Week activities.

The first  Aboriginal woman to become a police officer in South Australia… Ms Liddle told an audience in Darwin that she wanted nothing more than to fit in and  to be a good cop…

I was gutted because my dream of justice through policing was gone forever. Instead I was made to feel like a problem, a trouble maker, an imposter and a fraud… to put it bluntly a thief of my privilege where I am constantly reminded and told  that I must stay in my lane!

 After leaving the police Ms Liddle went on to attain a law degree, worked for the United nations  and in 2017 joined the  Territory Government’s  Aboriginal Justice Unit where she  continues to drive the NT Aboriginal Justice Agreement .

Listen to the full speech here :