I am deeply honored to serve as Australia’s Prime Minister. As Prime Minister, I want to bring people together and lead a government that is as courageous, hard-working and caring as the Australian people.

The Labor Party is on its way to a majority government after claiming victory at the federal election on the weekend.

The party currently holds 73 seats, with 76 seats needed to form a government, while the Coalition has won 52 seats, while Independents and the Greens shook up the makeup of the lower house and is set to make up a large crossbench, with 15 sets confirmed for them.

In his victory speech, Prime Minister-elect Mr Albanese confirmed Linda Burney will become the Minister for Indigenous Affairs and that a referendum on a voice in parliament will be one of his first priorities.

Listen here to Anthony Albanese’s victory speech.

Anthony Albanese 31st PM of Australia