Jacinta and Bess Price caamapwphoto

“Aboriginal people need to look at a cultural change.For too long we have put up with losing family members and broken homes because we can’t own up to our own problems- domestic violence needs to stop with our communities.” ……Jacinta Price.


Ms Price who was elected into the Alice Springs Town Council in 2015 and went on to become Deputy Mayor says there are more important things to worry about when it comes to Aboriginal Affairs instead of focusing on Treaty and the constitutional recognition which is ignoring the fact that Aboriginal women and children are suffering because they are too scared to speak up.

When people believe they’re victims to some else they hand over  their power to that other and they no longer have agency .

Josef Jagamarra Egger caamapwphoto

Josef Jakamarra Egger is a Warlpiri man of Austrian-Irish descent who grew up mostly in Alice Springs  and Yuendumu. Josef is fluent in both English and Warlpiri and has extensive networks with Aboriginal groups throughout Central Australia. He is currently living with his partner and young family in regional NSW.

Listen to Josef’s 2020 interview with Jacinta here: