My Boy Lollipop….. and why going cold turkey changed Paul Ah Chee’s life forever.


Part one of an amazing journey.

 I blew it, I actually  blew it  – drugs and alcohol there was a consequence for me – thank goodness I gave it up !

Paul AhChee with his mother and father.

My father is Wankangurra and lower Southern Arrernte and my mother is Arrernte/Yankunytjatjara. Growing up in Mpartnwe Alice Springs was easy for a young Paul AhChee – but a shocking accident at the age of five changed his life forever.

It was something that sort of actually kept me in check for the rest of my life because I wasn’t perfect anymore  … my own eyes !

Paul with his Gap Rd mates

You’d go to someone’s place and you have a good laugh but then the laughs disappear and it becomes more sombre and it becomes more sinister. You start having too much deep inner thoughts about who you are and it  just takes you to places that you  really don’t  want to be……. BUT it will take you there and then it’s a whole different ballgame !