Photographer: LS Paul Berry Special Operations Task Groups Long Range Patrol Vehicles drive in convoy across one of Afghanistan’s desert, or ‘dasht’ regions 2009

In 2001 Andy Fermo enlisted in the regular Army as an Electronic Warfare (EW) operator in Royal Australian Signals Corps.

He later applied and completed the arduous selection process for the Army’s elite Special Forces becoming commando qualified and realising a career goal.

Andy completed two deployments to Afghanistan and was awarded a Special Forces commendation. He was at the pinnacle of his trade and passionate about his future but a series of traumatic events on his second tour including; witnessing the death of a colleague, surviving the impact of a roadside bomb and the major injuries of his colleagues prematurely ended his career and led to his medical discharged in 2010.

He struggled daily to find a passion for a life and career outside the Army and was later diagnosed with PTSD.

This is his story….

Andy Fermo is talking with Jenny Hubert…