We beg and plead for the police to stop giving us attention -and we cry in agony for the health system to give us attention !

This is a systemic problem right across the country- its well known and its well documented- and nothing is being done !

 In the fallout of the  disturbing Four Corners report into the deaths of three young Aboriginal women from Doomadgee who died from rheumatic heart disease in the past 12 month… Waanyi, Garawa Gangalidda man Alec  Doomadgee  said he is glad the issue had been exposed to the wider Australian community.

“On the 19th August 2020 at the Mater Children’s Hospital Brisbane we shared our last moments with our 17yr daughter Shakaya before she went into surgery on the 20th August 2020……..she never woke up again! We have spent the last 12 months looking for answers and asking why??? Our family have been crying out for help in order to address the way Kaya was treated during her ordeal and the lack of compassion, empathy and a duty of care.” Alec Doomadgee

Mr Doomadgee, chairman of the Waanyi Native Title Aboriginal Corporation told CAAMA radio the issues go to the heart of humanity.