Eastern Arrentre woman, Chantelle Mulladad, from Ltyentye Apurte (Santa Teresa) Aboriginal community 80km south-east of Alice Springs says she was inspired to paint after watching her aunty and mum create their own paintings.

Walking and cycling trail between Anthwerrke (Emily Gap) and Atherrke (Jessie Gap)

If you are thinking about getting into tourism – we are here to help …Tourism Central Australia chief executive Danial Rochford.

The peak regional tourism authority for Central Australia is urging aspiring Aboriginal  tourism entrepreneurs to  be ready for an expected increase  in both  local and international  visitors over the next few months.

 Tourism Central Australia chief executive Danial Rochford said  reports from  across the  sector  indicate that visitation to the  region  through  this tourist  season will be significant … with   visitors from across the nation with  even  an  uplift in international visitors expected over the next few weeks..

 Speaking  on CAAMA  Radio Mr Rochford urged  local Aboriginal people  interested in becoming involved in new  tourism  ventures to make contact with the  peak tourism bodies.