Making sure our remote communities are getting training and access so that they can engage in what Australia looks like tomorrow!

Qld. Senator Susan McDonald.

“I will use my time in this place to ensure our regional and rural young people receive their own opportunities to benefit Australia. something dramatic needs to happen to revitalise the heart and the soul of our nation: to draw our people home. We need a whole-of-nation approach, a genuine partnership between council, state and federal government that restores the services, the infrastructure and the people back to our regional, rural and remote areas.”

Part of  Qld. Senator Susan McDonald.’s maiden parliamentary speech.

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People in aboriginal communities are just like everybody else – we’ve got to start to think that way !

caama ceo jim remedio

CAAMA CEO jim Remedio caamapwphoto
QLD Liberal Senator Susan McDonald.

Listen to Senator Susan McDonald’s vision for the bush and remote communities here :