Veteran Northern Territory Stolen Generations  advocate Eileen Cummings says she  could never  begin to reconcile  events of the past until  the Commonwealth  government  had acknowledged the pain and suffering it had  caused .

EILEEN Cummings, who is now 78, has written to every Prime Minister for the last thirty years working tirelessly to ensure that the Australian government acknowledge the trauma inflicted on children of the NT Stolen Generations.

Last week the Territories’ Stolen Generations Redress Scheme Bill, which will compensate and support survivors of the Stolen Generations from the N.T or the ACT was passed by the Senate. Eligible survivors  will be able to  apply  for a one off payment of $75,000  from March 1 2022  in recognition of the harm caused by forcible removal and a further $7000 to healing and support services.

Croker Island Mission 1950’s

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