Senior Aboriginal leaders have rejected claims made on social media the army is vaccinating Aboriginal people in communities against their will. Wurli Wurlinjang Health Service said people were hurt by untrue comments made on social media about the current lock down.

Traditional Owner’s Statement on Behalf of Binjari and Rockhole. People are very hurt by the untrue comments being made in the media and social media about their situation. Support personnel and organisations are providing support to Binjari and Rockhole.We have been treated with a lot of respect and appreciate all the support being given by these support personnel people.We are in lock down because we’re in the biggest fight of our lives. We’re trying to keep safe. We’re trying to do the right thing by the community and Katherine. We don’t need people out there creating another flood for us.We don’t appreciate outside people making comments that are untrue. People on social media saying that our people are being mistreated need to realise their comments are hurting the very people they claim to care about.We want people to respect our privacy and show respect for our feelings. We are keeping in close contact with Wurli-Wurlinjang Health Service CEO Suzi Berto and May Rosas (cultural adviser).

The army aren’t carrying weapons- they’re carrying fresh food for people ! N.T chief Minister Michael Gunner.


Listen to Northern Territory chief Minister Michael Gunner here :