Keeping track of the impact of RAPs

Indigenous Tech company LOGiT Australia has launched Weavr - software designed to track the impact of Reconciliation Action Plans of organisations and businesses. Picture: Weavr

A new software tool has been launched to help government agencies, businesses and organisations commit to a Reconciliation Action Plan.

The tool, called Weavr captures data from organisations that track impact, and measures success within an organisation’s Reconciliation Action Plan and demonstrate how they are empowering First Nations people in workplaces.

Biripi man and managing director of LOGiT Australia. The company has launched Weavr, a tool to track impact and measure success at organisations that implement Reconciliation Action Plans. Picture: LOGiT Australia

Biripi man Kieran Shirey and managing director of LOGiT Australia which launched the tool, says it has the potential to show businesses what could be achieved if RAPs were used to their full potential.

He speaks here with CAAMA’s Philippe Perez.