Picture cards designed to help First Nations people who live with dementia

The cards, produced by Dementia Support Australia (DSA) and funded by the Australian Government, offer a way for a someone with declining speech to communicate respecting both the person and their culture. Picture: Dementia Support Australia

A new set of picture cards to help First Nations who live with dementia communicate with their carers and family have been recognised in the 2021 future of Ageing Awards.

The cards offer a way for someone who has declining speech to communicate while also respecting culture and were designed after consultation of the needs of First Nations people.

They contain a picture of activities that are described in English with a space to write a word in the language of the person using them.

The innovative cards were illustrated by Dagoman woman Samantha Campbell and have had 1000 sets distributed since their launch since July.

They have also been recognised for their innovation, winning the Indigenous Communities category in the 2021 Future of Ageing Awards.

The cards are free and can be downloaded at this link.

Ms Campbell says her work in designing pictures for the cards was rewarding for her. She speaks here to CAAMA’s Philippe Perez (audio below).