Have a yarn about the COVID-19 vaccine

Congress Engagement Officers
Central Australian Aboriginal Congress Engagement Officers - (from left) Fiona Stokes, Deon Tilmouth, Shirleen McLaughlin, Greg Abbott, Janet Turner, Patrick Stirling and Peter Wilson. Picture: Central Australian Aboriginal Congress

The Central Australian Aboriginal Congress (CAAC) has recently launched a new Vaccine Acceleration Program, which will include new engagement officers speaking to First Nations people in Alice Springs as well as communities throughout Central Australia.

These officers will be speaking to people in language, and be visiting town camps and communities, answering questions about Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca vaccines.

The team have begun their work in a number of regions in Mpartwe and Central Australia, and are happy to hear from you as well if you need any concerns addressed.

CAAC Engagement officer Janet Turner (fifth from left) spoke to CAAMA’s Philippe Perez more about their work and encourage more of the community to get a vaccination against COVID-19.