Most Australians have heard of George Floyd, but what about David Dungay Jnr or TJ Hickey?

A new six-episode documentary series will look to give a voice to racial injustice in the prison systems.

The documentary series called ‘Unheard’ currently showing on Amazon Prime, explores instances of discrimination in Australian prisons over the years, including that of our First Nations people.

The grieving family of David Dungay Jnr. Picture: Supplied

The series will speak to people who have faced injustice firsthand, as well as their families, including relatives of Dunghutti man David Dungay Jr, who died in custody in 2015.

Series Creator Shahn Devendran tells CAAMA that as well as showing Australian injustices to an international audience, it was important that local audiences saw the stories of their own incarcerated people. More in the audio below and you can watch Unheard here.