Each year  a group of young Indigenous men and women (aged between 18-30) apply to the Indigenous  Marathon foundation  to take part in the world famous New York City Marathon – with just six months of training.

The runners also train to become healthy lifestyle leaders within their communities promoting health and physical exercise in order to address the high instances of chronic disease such as diabetes, heart disease and renal failure.

Two team members from this years Indigenous Marathon Squad have spoken about the difficulties that many young people living in a remote Aboriginal communities face on a daily basis.

“Its hard to get out of a rut when you’ve grown up in it and you’re engulfed in it every day”-Cissy Johns Indigenous Marathon Squad 2021

Cissy Johns caamapwphoto 2021

 Cissy Johns… a Ngaliwurru woman from Timber creek in the Northern Territory says  while she has never ever been a runner and is more of a team sports person she thought   joining the program  would allow her to use the platform to get her messages out to her remote countrymen from the Katherine region to get better engaged.

Derrick Cusack caamapwphoto2021

Derrick Cusack a Kalkadoon  man from Mt Isa in Qld told CAAMA  that like many young Aboriginal men- he too had gone  down the road of believing he was a warrior.

Members of the 2021 Indigenous Marathon Project

IMP Team support 2021

Listen to the full interview with Cissy Johns and Derrick Cusack here :