Why Warriors launch COVID-19 educational videos in Yolŋu

COVID-19 virus Photo source: Felipe Esquivel Reed (CC BY-SA 4.0)

A new initiative launched by Why Warriors have released a series of videos in the Yolngu language to answer questions over COVID 19. The video series comprises 30 episodes and was completed over the past 18 months working with a leadership team from the Yolngu lands and the University of Canberra.

Why Warriors is an organisation empowering Yolŋu and other First Nations people to live out their full potential through improving the quality and effectiveness of mainstream engagement with remote Aboriginal communities, through training in community development and cross-cultural dynamics.

Richard Trudgen Source image – Why Warriors

Why Warriors co-founder/managing director, and community educator Richard Trudgen, worked with the team to produce the videos, says there needs to be a clear conversation about COVID 19 in Aboriginal communities that are not confusing.

Mr Trudgen has written a number of books producing podcasts for Yolŋu Radio and for their new Yolŋu learning centre, producing health videos so Yolngu can understand different health conditions that are impacting them and producing a range of cultural competency videos and courses so English first language people can better understand Yolŋu culture while wanting to develop a complete e-learning school in Yolŋu Matha, the Indigenous language of North-east Arnhem Land.

Mr Trudgen says information from media organisations needed to be handled correctly so the local community could make informed decisions and answer questions they have about vaccines.

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Feature image source credit: Felipe Esquivel Reed CC BY-SA 4.0