Fracking in the Beetaloo deemed unviable by new report

A new report shows that gas companies will find it unviable to frack in the NT if to be able to fully offset emissions. Photo: David Lally under CC BY-SA 2.0

New analysis from Reputex shows it is unlikely that gas companies could make money from fracking the Northern Territory’s Beetaloo Basin while also fully and accurately offsetting their domestic lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions decades.

Traditional owners say it justifies their consistent calls to have no fracking take place on the Beetaloo Basin, but anti-fracking advocates also say that there would be no cost-effective way to mitigate the climate changes that fracking the Beetaloo would make.

Hanna Ekin from the Central Australian Frack Free Alliance spoke to CAAMA’s Philippe Perez about the implications the report has on the exploration of fracking in the NT.