Mitch Tambo shares his healing journey

Mitch Tambo. Picture credit: Jarrod Rose

Gamilaraay and Birri Gubba man Mitch Tambo has been a busy man throughout the past year, and he won’t let a little thing like a pandemic stop him from creating.

He’s recently launched the fourth season of his online series Tambo Talk and hosted NAIDOC events with Facebook.

He has also been busy visiting the studio to record the follow up to his debut album Guurrama-Li, and his latest song is one that has helped him on his own healing journey.

Mitch Tambo, whose latest single ‘Heal’ speaks to the experiences of becoming a father. Photo: Jarrod Rose (Connect PR)

It’s a treasure to see Mitch be so grounded and being honest with his reflections on becoming a dad, and what that means to him being a stepfather to the daughters of his partner Lea.

He is also expecting his first child with Lea as well, which he says has shown him a new world of self-discovery and reflection.

It’s amazing to hear considering the performances and interest in his music since that debut album. It includes performing at the T20 Women’s Cricket World Cup grand final, and Eurovision 2020: Australia Decides.

Lyric video for Heal by Mitch Tambo

While the COVID pandemic has seen him obviously not perform as much as he did prior to March 2020, Mitch certainly has the creative juices going, releasing his latest single Heal, along with its video, in September 2021.

He speaks below to CAAMA’s Philippe Perez more about his past year (audio below).

Feature image: Jarrod Rose (Connect PR)