A veteran First Nations Christian  pastor has described rogue  religious groups accused of spreading anti vaccination  propaganda in remote Aboriginal communities as “ the  other  virus of stupid misinformation.”

Ray Minniecon a Kabikabi and Gurang-Gurang man  who is a  pastor at St John’s Anglican Church in Sydney  described  reports of the spread of misinformation as  “deeply disturbing. and based in fear.”

I agree with Pat… these terrorists who come in here with this terrorising language – its quite deeply disturbing for me !

Pastor Ray Minniecon

“Anyone perpetrating the false information and putting fear into the hearts of good and honest people should be prosecuted, removed or held in detention until they understand the significance of what we’re trying to deal with.”

W.A. Labor Senator Pat Dodson

Paul Wiles photo

Listen to the full interview with Pastor Ray Minniecon here :