Born under a gum tree on land earmarked by government for the Giles Weather Station, Dr. Elizabeth Marrkilyi Ellis says in 1962 her parents and grandparents were still living a semi-nomadic life. Even though  they were on the verge of entering a  stage of settled existence they were removed from their country and dispersed far and wide.

Members of Dr. Ellis’s extended family around the time of their removal from country.

I’ve had many wonderful moments and also many hard moments, and that’s how you succeed in life!

Dr Elizabeth Marrkilyi Warnngupayi Ellis with CAAMA’s Jenni Hubert.

The Ngaatjatjarra educator, interpreter and linguist  who has taught her language in France tells Jenni Hubert that although the families were dispersed  they never lost contact with one another, and eventually found their way back home.

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