Feature Image – Tiwi Regional Co-ordinator for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation Tic Tac Moore. Photo credit: Tiffany Parker

Today is Indigenous Literacy Day, celebrating reading in remote communities throughout the lands.

Non-profit organisation the Indigenous Literacy Foundation is celebrating reading stories in languages such as Kriol, Tiwi and Arabana and are also demonstrating to remote communities the importance of reading to children in their language – all via the day’s website.

The Foundation also encourages schools to undertake workshops with elders and other members of the community to write books in their local language which is showcased throughout the day with many videos.

Katherine Regional Co-ordinator for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation Josie Lardy. Photo credit: Katherine Morrow

Jilkminggan and Mangarrayi woman Josie Lardy, who is also a regional coordinator for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation in Katherine, told CAAMA that the differences in reading English and books in Aboriginal languages are enormous for children in communities.

Tiwi woman Tic Tac Moore who has recently joined the translation program, says her first year working on getting support and translating books is already showing great results.

CAAMA’s Philippe Perez spoke to both Ms Lardy and Ms Moore (audio below).

Josie Lardy and Tic Tac Moore speaking to CAAMA’s Philippe Perez

To take part in Indigenous Literacy Day, head to ild.org.au.