Cuttings explores and  talks about what if life isn’t all roses. What if there is friction, what if there is times when families are dysfunctional and how do we deal with that ?

 Front L to R  Bert O’Loughlin, Jo Dutton, Armani Francois, back L-R  Dan Murphy, Sophie Wallace and Jody Kopp,  
JOdy Kopp and playwright Jo Dutton. Paul Wiles photo

It’s written from a woman’s point of view… a mother’s point of view primarily. There is so much mixed messaging around mothering and about parenting… and we wanted to explore that and the role of women in society.

Listen to interview with Jody Kopp and Jo Dutton here :

The performance which is being held at Araluen Theatre this Saturday night is recommended for 15 years and over. 

It contains strong sexual references, sexual abuse references, and strong language. 

Tickets available at Araluen Box Office or call 8951 1122.