A design of the Yeperenye dreaming – which has been more than a year in the making – has been launched at Bradshaw Primary School in Mbantwe Alice Springs, aiming to teach young ones about the importance of the country where they learn and live on.

Bradshaw Primary School revealed the design on which was created with collaboration with local Arrente people. 

The local community also raised funds for the project to be ready for NAIDOC week celebrations at the school, which has one of the highest attendance rates in the Northern Territory.

The ceremony launching the design on the concourse heard from past, present and future leaders at the school, with the school all coming together to walk the concourse.

Aboriginal Education Officer Shannan Clarke says she hopes the installation of the design strengthens local Aboriginal children’s identity and brings the local Mbantwe community together.

“We have the smartest, most cleverest kids here in this school, but we need them to fit in their way. That is where this story is. This story is to every day remind those kids [that] they are a part of history,” Ms Clarke said.

“We want our kids to not divide, we want them to be together.”

Arrente student Mikili Kerren says the design made her proud and encouraged her to speak more about culture with non Indigenous students. 

“This design makes me happy inside and makes me feel better to be an Arrente person,” she said.

She told CAAMA that her school has actively encouraged her to explore her culture through bush camps.

“I think it’s a pretty good idea to go out onto country, to go out onto bush camps to learn about our country, and learn about Arrente people’s dreamings.”

Hear more in the audio interviews below (with the ABC’s Samantha Jonscher):

Jenny Ward – Assistant Principal at Bradshaw Primary School
Shannon Clarke – Aboriginal Education Officer at Bradshaw Primary School

Mikili Kerren – student at Bradshaw Primary School
A quick look at the new Yeperenye design at Bradshaw Primary School